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Creative Director |  Consultant | Producer | Visual Designer | Video Editor | Copywriter | Director 

As I celebrate 25 years as a Creative Director, I'm in awe of all the projects I have been lucky enough to be a part of.

A special thanks to the many passionate clients, talented designers, imaginative creatives, and dedicated producers who came together as a team to bring these memorable projects to life!

Career Portfolio

Television Main Titles

ABC: 56th Annual Emmy Awards

ABC: Brothers & Sisters

ABC: Jeopardy!

ABC: Movies Rock

ABC: The Muppets Wizard of Oz

ABC: The Next Best Thing

ABC: Wallet Roulette

ABC: Wheel of Fortune

ABC Family: Garden of Love

A&E: Find and Design

Animal Planet: Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom

Animal Planet: Trail Mix

BET: BET Remembers Whitney

BET: BET Takes Hollywood

BET: Family Business

BET: Frankie and Neffe

BET: Let’s Stay Together

BET: Reed Between the Lines

BET: The Mo’Nique Show

BET: Underground Outlet

BRAVO: Country Soul

BRAVO: Courtney Loves Dallasl

Biography: Chris Isaak Hour

Biography: Shatner’s Raw Nerve

Bravo: Bethenny Getting Married

CBS: Cupid

Comedy Central: Blue Collar Comedy Tour 3

CMT: Meet the In-Laws

CW: Privileged

Discovery: Chic Eats

Discovery: Double Agents

Discovery: Pet Plastic Surgery

Discovery: Superhero Guide to NYC

Disney Channel: Cory in the House

Disney Channel: Pass the Plate

Disney Channel: Shorty McShort’s Shorts

Disney Channel: Wizards of Waverly Place

Don Mischer: 2004 Democratic National Convention 

E!: Fashion Police

E!: Hotspot

E!: House of Carters

Fox: The Academy

Fox: Nanny 911 & Marriage 911

Fox: Secret Millionaire

Fox: Wanda Sykes Show

HBO: Bob Costas “On the Record”

HBO: Real Time with Bill Maher

HBO: Six Feet Under Retrospective

HBO: Tourgasm

HBO Sports: Inside the NFL

HGTV: Moving for Love

History Channel: Family Business

History Channel: Houdini

History Channel: Mega Movers 

History Channel: Pawn Stars

History Channel: Pawn Stars Do America

ITV: Four Weddings

ITVS: Blind Love

Lifetime: Boys Behaving Badly

Lifetime: I Married a Princess

Lifetime: Lisa Williams

Lifetime: Supermarket Superstar

Logo: US of Ant

MTV: Amplified

MTV: Battle for Ozzfest

MTV: Cheyenne

MTV: Jessica Simpson Special

MTV: Joe & Lucy

MTV: Meet the Barkers

MTV: New Year’s Party

MTV: Nick Lachey Special

MTV: Ozzfest

MTV: Parental Control

MTV: Paris Hilton’s My New BFF

MTV: Rich Girls

NBC: 2002 Winter Olympics

NBC: Apollo Theater at 70

NBC: Laffit

NBC: Thick & Thin

OWN: Belle Collective

OWN: Houston Beauty

OWN: Love and Marriage: Huntsville

OWN: Love and Marriage: DC

OWN: Love and Marriage: Detroit

OWN: The Nightcap with Carlos King

Paramount: If Beale Street Could Talk

PBS: Travel Detective

PBS: Blindlove

SciFi: From Stargate to Atlantis

SOAPnet: Hottest Hunks

Spike TV: The Club

Spike TV: Invasion Iowa

Spike TV: The Rundown

Spike TV: World Stunt Awards 2002, 2003, 2004

TBS: The Frank Show

TBS: One Night Stand-Up

TLC: Four Houses

TLC: Four Weddings

TV ONE: Hollywood Divas

TV ONE: The Mane Event

USA: Monk

WeTV: Grown & Gospel

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