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Creative Director |  Consultant | Producer | Visual Designer | Video Editor | Copywriter | Director 

As I celebrate 25 years as a Creative Director, I'm in awe of all the projects I have been lucky enough to collaborate on.

A special thanks to the many passionate clients, talented designers, imaginative creatives, and dedicated producers who came together as a team to bring these memorable projects to life!

Career Portfolio

Film Main Titles

Abandon Pictures: Pros and Cons

Buena Vista: Duets

Buena Vista: Holy Man

Buena Vista: Six Days, Seven Nights

Columbia: I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Columbia: Jakob the Liar

Columbia: Stepmom

Dimension: Boys and Girls

Dimension: Halloween H20

Dimension: Texas Rangers

DreamWorks: The Contender

Fox: Big Momma’s House

Hollywood Pictures: Simon Birch

IFC Films: Girls Will Be Girls

Kushner-Locke: Picking Up the Pieces

Lionsgate: Good Luck Chuck

MGM: Antitrust

MGM: At First Sight

MGM: Bulletproof Monk

MGM: Molly

MGM: Return to Me

Miramax: Chocolat

Miramax: The Cider House Rules

Miramax: Pretty Persuasion

Miramax: Underclassman

New Line: After the Sunset

New Line: The Bachelor

New Line: The Cleaner

New Line: The Corruptor

New Line: Rush Hour 1, 2 & 3

Paramount: Bless the Child

Paramount: Escape from L.A.

Paramount: 200 Cigarettes

Regent Releasing: Hellbent

Sony: Dick

Sony: Imaginary Heroes

Sony: Masked and Anonymous

Sony: Master of Disguise

Sony: My Giant

Sony: Not Another Teen Movie

Sony: The Sweetest Thing

Sony: Wedding Planner

Sony: What Planet Are You From?

Sony: White Chicks

SRO: Straight-Jacket

Touchstone: Keeping the Faith

Touchstone: Mission to Mars

Touchstone: The Crew

TriStar: Baby Geniuses

United Artists: Assassination Tango

Universal: Bowfinger

Universal: Eye See You

Universal: Life

Universal: Primary Colors

Universal: Red Dragon

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