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Creative Director |  Consultant | Producer | Visual Designer | Video Editor | Copywriter | Director 

As I celebrate 25 years as a Creative Director, I'm in awe of all the projects I have been lucky enough to collaborate on.

A special thanks to the many passionate clients, talented designers, imaginative creatives, and dedicated producers who came together as a team to bring these memorable projects to life!

Career Portfolio

Broadcast Design & Motion Graphics

ABC: Extreme Makeover

ABC: Harry Potter Premiere

ABC: Snow Original Movie

ABC: Super Bowl 39 Half-Time Show

ABC: Super Bowl 40 Half-Time Show

ABC Family: Romantic Comedy Block

ABC-7: Eyewitness News – Image Campaign Cartoon Network: Get Animated

Cartoon Network: Rescuing Recess

CBS: Movies Rock

Cinemax: Creature Features

Cinemax: Fall Launch

Cinemax: Max After Dark Rebrand

CNN: Pipeline

Discovery Channel: Chic Eats Discovery Channel: Double Agents

Discovery Channel: Shark Week

Discovery Channel: Weed Wars

Disney Channel: Summer Package 2009

Disney Channel: Handy Manny

Disney Channel: Hannah Montana-Freshman 5 Disney Channel: Happy U Year

Disney Channel: High School Musical Tease

Disney Channel: “It’s On” Package

Disney Channel: Jonas Brothers IDs

Disney Channel: Kids Inaugural

Disney Channel: Holiday IDs

Disney Channel: Network IDs

Disney Channel: Network Rebrand 2006 – 2009 Disney Channel: Playhouse IDs

Disney Channel: Playhouse Refresh 2008

Disney Channel: Radio Disney Rebrand

Disney Channel: Shorty McShorts’ Shorts

Disney Channel: The Time I…Interstitials

Disney Channel: Totally New Year

Disney XD: Menus & IDs

Divine HD: IDs

HBO: Can’t Stop – Summer Launch

HBO: Chris Rock Never Scared

HBO: Comedy Arts Festival

HBO: Curb Your Enthusiasm

HBO: Elaine Stritch At Liberty

HBO: Harry Potter Promos

HBO: Making the Cut

HBO: Rolling Stones

HBO: Sex & the City

HBO: Sopranos

HBO: The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

HBO Sports: Boxing After Dark Rebrand

HBO Sports: Boxing Promo 2006

HBO Sports: CostasNOW

HBO Sports: CostasNOW HD

HBO Sports: Rebrand

HBO Sports: Inside the NFL

HBO Sports: Special Presentation

Rush HD: IDs

SOAPnet: Another World

SOAPnet: Network Package 2006

SOAPnet: Crescent Hollow

SOAPnet: NYE 2004

SOAPnet: Originals Block

SOAPnet: Saturday 6 Pack

SOAPnet: SNM (Sunday Night Movies)

SOAPnet: Young & the Restless

Toon Disney: 2004-2006 Rebrand Package

Toon Disney: Action Heroes

Toon Disney: Adventure Quest Movie Week

Toon Disney: Best in Show Stunt

Toon Disney: Big Game Day

Toon Disney: Digimon Stunt

Toon Disney: Fall Sneak Peak

Toon Disney: Gargoyles Friday Nights of Fright

Toon Disney: Goof's Day Reissue

Toon Disney Network IDs

Toon Disney: I Wanna Watch Stunt

Toon Disney: KP's Creepy Cribs & Web Game

Toon Disney: Leap Year Stunt

Toon Disney Logo

Toon Disney: March of the Meanies

Toon Disney: Mega Recess Stunt

Toon Disney Movie Package

Toon Disney: Screamdays Stunt

Toon Disney: Summer Image

Toon Disney: Up A Creek Movie Week

Toon Disney: Very Merry Marathon

Toon Disney: Wild West Movie Week

Toon Disney: Winter Wonderland

Transformation TV

Yahoo!: Falcon

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