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Scott Williams, Creative Director

Pembrook Creative is a full-service design and marketing agency led by Scott Williams, an award-winning Creative Director with over 25 years of experience in visual design, animation, and entertainment marketing.


Scott wears many hats including Brand Manager, Marketing Director, Content Specialist, Art Director, Copywriter, Visual Designer, Video Editor, Budget Wizard, and Shark Tamer. He’s smart enough to wear only one at a time.

When not coming up with creative solutions, Scott loves a great story and may even tell you one of his own. Like the time he danced with Prince at the MTV Awards or the day he carried a surly Russian Scientist down a  mountaintop in Nepal.  There are tales of sailing the seven seas as an assistant cruise director for Princess Cruises or completing a yoga teacher's training in the rainforest of Costa Rica. In the television production arena, there are inspiring stories of overseeing Maya Angelou's first Hallmark Channel commercial and the challenge of directing a Sylvester Stallone movie prologue. He's threatened to one day complete his screenplay titled, The Disappearing Act, about his adventures as a magician's assistant in Seoul, Korea.

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