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Creative Director |  Consultant | Producer | Visual Designer | Video Editor | Copywriter | Director 

As I celebrate 25 years as a Creative Director, I'm in awe of all the projects I have been lucky enough to collaborate on.

A special thanks to the many passionate clients, talented designers, imaginative creatives, and dedicated producers who came together as a team to bring these memorable projects to life!

Career Portfolio
UX, UI, Blu-ray & DVD Interface

UX, UI, Blu-ray & DVD Interface



Day Timer: Movers & Shakers Calendar

Doggyariege: UX prototype

Fox: Avatar Image Builder Online Game

Fox: Boney Coaster Online Game

Fox: Percy Jackson Online Game

Fox: Tooth Fairy Online Game

Dane Cook’s SU-FIre – iPhone App

PBS Sprout: Dress Chica – iPhone, iPad App

PBS Sprout: Dress Like Chica –Online Game

PBS Sprout: Video Player – iPhone App

PBS Wilson and Ditch-Online Games




Fox: Alvin and the Chipmunks

Fox: Day the Earth Stood Still

Fox: Ice Age – Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Fox: Nim’s Island

Fox: Pink Panther 2

Fox: Spinal Tap

Fox Sports Go

Sony: Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Sony: Are We Done Yet?

Sony: Bridge on the River Kwai

Sony: Casino Royale

Sony: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Sony: Dark Crystal

Sony: Fifth Element

Sony: Gandhi

Sony: Gattaca

Sony: Godzilla

Sony: Gothika

Sony: Guns of Navarone

Sony: Hitch

Sony: Jerry Maguire

Sony: Lawrence of Arabia

Sony: Michael Jackson’s This Is It

Sony: The Producers

Sony: Stargate SG – Season 1

Sony: Starship Troopers

Sony: xXx

Sony: Zombieland

Universal: Fast & Furious

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