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Creative Director |  Consultant | Producer | Visual Designer | Video Editor | Copywriter | Director 

As I celebrate 25 years as a Creative Director, I'm in awe of all the projects I have been lucky enough to collaborate on.

A special thanks to the many passionate clients, talented designers, imaginative creatives, and dedicated producers who came together as a team to bring these memorable projects to life!

Career Portfolio

TV Promotions & Commercials

Buena Vista Movies 1 - 11

Disney Channel: Check This Kid Out

Disney Channel: The Time I...

Disney Channel: Horizon Milk

Disney Channel: Microsoft Word

Disney Channel: Subway

Discovery Channel: The Devil’s Ride

Discovery Channel: Dinosaur Revolution

Discovery Channel: Shark Week

HBO: Rolling Stones

HBO Chris Rock's Never Scared

Fox: The Secret Millionaire

FX: Friday Night Fix

Hallmark: Adoption Campaign

Hallmark: Maya Angelou Mother’s Day

Hallmark: Mother’s Day

Hallmark: Father’s Day

Jet Propulsion Labs: Molecule Max

SOAPnet: Bo & Hope

SOAPnet: Crescent Hollow

Ubi Soft: Assassins

VU Games: Flatout 1 & 2

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